Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Me and my mom have never had an amazing relationship. We fight on a regular basis and even when we get along we still have an under lining tension between us. People say to me that I have to "love" my mom because she is just that, my mom, but I don't think that is an excuse to love anyone. I remember watching the "Tyra Banks Show" and Tyra said something about how "Just because you are related in blood doesn't mean that person should be part of your life" I think that's how I feel about my relationship with my mom.
I don't know if I have ever loved my mom, and it's a sad thing to say, but when I see her everyday I just wish to myself that she would  leave me alone. My dad says that it's a teenager thing and I will get over it when I'm older, but it's hard to believe when you have never loved someone in your life.
You are probably wondering why I'm saying all these things about my mom, and maybe it's normal and all girls feel this way, but I don't think my mom loves me in any way. She is constantly criticizing me on every thing I do,  my weight, my choices, my ideas about life. I think she is an idiot, she thinks women are just supposed to get married and be skinny. She is racist to, she says that people who are of other races are scary and that I shouldn't be around them. I honestly hate my mother, and I don't really have a reason not to.
One of the worst things my mom does is when she yells at my dad. She calls him an idiot and a terrible husband, and says that she shouldn't have married him, and that he is not worthy of her, but then she tells him to do all this work and never lets him rest because she is too lazy to do anything herself. I think my dad should divorce her and get a better wife, and I think he would be happier if he wasn't married to her. My mom doesn't know how lucky she is I mean if anyone else married her she would probably be treated horribly.
I hope it gets better, but for now I can't wait till I'm ready to leave home.

EDIT*Reading this now in December I realize that I sound like a huge baby, I know millions of kids have the same circumstances with parents. I also understand that I may never have a perfect relationship with her, but I have tons of time to improve our it. So remember that we all are given parents and though they might rub us the wrong way sometimes they are the ones we get. I'll get mad at her again I'm sure, but it will be OK, I'm sure of it.